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PLUS Size Woman Becomes Fat Model & Earns Over $20-30k Per Month!

    fat woman turn plus model

    Janice had always been an average-sized woman, but as she entered her 30s, she started to feel like she wasn’t fitting in. Everywhere she looked, models had long, lean bodies and flawless skin.

    She felt out of place and uncomfortable in her own skin. So Janice decided to make a change. She started eating more and exercising less, and soon she was gaining weight!

    At first, she was embarrassed, but then she had a brilliant idea. She decided to become a plus-size model!

    With a little research, Janice discovered that there was a high demand for plus-size models to promote clothing brands. She created a portfolio, and within a few months, she had signed contract with a local studio and then with multiple brands.

    Earning $20k to $30K per month!

    Janice wasn’t like the other girls. She was chubby, carried some extra weight and wasn’t necessarily “conventionally attractive”. But despite her physical shortcomings, she was absolutely beautiful.

    Her confidence and sparkling personality radiated from her like a beacon, drawing people in and making them feel welcome.

    She had a warmth that was undeniable, and although she could be shy when meeting new people, she was always willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

    this fatty woman is a plus size model

    She was also incredibly intelligent, and her conversations with friends and family alike were insightful and engaging. Her physical appearance didn’t define her, and her beauty was undeniable. Despite her size, she was graceful and confident, with an infectious smile.

    Janice now earns handsome money. On average she earns $20k per month from new contracts and another 10K from royalties.

    That’s how you make BIG-ASS an ASSET!

    Young man makes a difference in her life

    She was overweight for as long as she could remember and she’d grown accustomed to being overlooked and laughed at. But when she decided to hit the gym and lose the weight, she never expected to find love.

    Her partner, a handsome bodybuilder, was 5 years younger than her. She’d met him the first day she stepped foot into the gym. He was instantly taken with her, despite her size and they quickly became friends & then partners.

    Janice maintains her weight in the range of 280 to 300 pounds. She loves eating unhealthy foods, doesn’t exercise much. Still her shape, curves and cuteness remain radiant.

    Her partner Tom in a Quora post says;

    When I met Janice first time she weighed only 210 pounds which was high. Initially I resisted her idea of gaining more weight to become a fat model. She’s curvy, gorgeous & has adorable figure. She gives me immense love and affection.

    Her libido & sex drive is fantastic & when we are together we make love almost daily. She has flexible body and enjoys adventures positions!

    Her LDL is high & HDL is low. She occasionally gets breathing issue. I’m worried that she may get chronic diseases. However, for now I can’t help but encourage her career choice.

    We are happily together!


    Don’t be insecure about your size. Turn obstacles into opportunities. Stay positive. I’m Plus Size too, but maintain good figure with Smoothie diet 🙂