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7 Tips to Look Good, Feel Great on a BIG Day

    You are in a rush to attend a party, job interview or meet your new date. You may be anxious about how you look. The thought of ‘am I looking good? am I thin & presentable?’ can cause tension & frustration.

    Yes, we all go through such anxious moment in life. Do not worry; there are little tips that work even in your case! Here are some of them. These tips would certainly help you to think positively about your appearance!

    1. Make-up for moments

    In what concerns women, things can be worked out more easily: make-up can be an ally and a special tool to make some changes in your favor. It is essential to get a tan! Stay in the sun or go to a beauty saloon, use a tanning lotion or whatever it takes to color your skin.

    If you use a tanning lotion insist more under the cheeks, as the colored areas always look deeper and this will make your face look thinner than it really is.

    2. Bigger eyes make face thin!

    Use a lot of eye make up to make your eyes bigger, because the bigger your eyes look, the smaller your face seems. Also, give special attention to your eyebrows for the same reasons as the ones mentioned above.

    You can even make up your legs: lay a vertical line of oil on the middle part of your legs, so that it makes your bone shine. You will discover that your legs, due to the extra shine, never looked longer!

    3. The hair dressing trick

    This trick goes well both for men and women. It has to do with the way we arrange our hair. The more volume we give to our hair, the better.

    Your face will look smaller than it really is, and it will give you a certain charm, especially if you do not forget to play with it, from time to time.

    4. Clothes color make difference

    The clothes you are wearing can indeed make a difference! Do not use clothes that are too colored, they will only attract more eyes on the areas that you plan to hide. Chose black or dark blue clothes, as they will make you look up to 5 pounds thinner.

    In what concerns the right length for the skirt, women who intend to look a bit thinner than they really are should stick to the skirts that go up to the knees. Shorter ones show how fat their legs are and longer one show tick ankles.

    5. Wear clothes with vertical stripes

    Both men and women should wear clothes with vertical stripes (they go for pants, skirts, shirts, dresses etc.). Use blouses and shirts with buttons because they create a vertical line. The same effect is produced by long zippers.

    Loose the pockets or avoid filling them up. They will only make those areas look bigger than they are. Both men and women wear jeans from time to time, so make sure you have in your wardrobe at least two pairs of jeans that do not disadvantage you.    

    6. Practice & correct your posture

    Mind the position of your body. A correct position can make you up to three centimeters taller than you are. The taller you are, the thinner you look.

    Reduce the quantity of alcohol that you consume. It will not only improve your health, but also help you get rid of one or two pounds, in no time.

    7. The crazy water fasting hack

    If you have a week of time before the BIG event, you can try this celebrity type water diet hack.

    Our body stores more water (fluid) for future use. Flushing excess water can make you thin in just few days. And it can make you feel healthy, positive & more confident.

    How to do it?

    Drink gallons of water daily. This would force you to go to washroom frequently. So, along with urine body would flush out small volumes of parasites, toxins & other bad things from your tummy.

    You have to stop water diet at least one day before the Big Day, so your body continue the detox process without any discomfort!

    Keep in mind these tricks and use your imagination to discover more!