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Dr Marcel Capt Easy Fungus Reviews: Overpriced!

    dr mercel capt easy fungus

    Dr. Marcel Capt’s Easy Fungus is a toenail fungus treatment that is marketed as an effective and easy-to-use solution. The product is promoted through a video infomercial that claims it is a miracle cure for toenail fungus.

    Many claims made in the infomercial may sound promising to those who suffer from toenail fungus. Still, it is important to evaluate the product with a critical eye.

    Easy Fungus is an overpriced Turmeric + Bioperine probiotic supplement which can offer moderate result. Definitely not worth GBP 70!

    The supplement claims to have antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of curcumin, a compound found in turmeric. However, it is important to note that while turmeric has been used for centuries in traditional medicine, the scientific evidence supporting its health benefits is still limited.

    Price of Easy Fungus

    It is true that it is a more expensive option, compared to other turmeric supplements on the market. In fact, some consumers have reported feeling misled by its high price, as they expected to receive more significant benefits from it based on its cost.

    Better & Cheaper Alternative

    Evolution Slimming is one of the reputed online nutritional supplement shop in the UK. They offer superior quality products at highly affordable price.

    For toenail fungus you can use EVO Turmeric+Bioperine supplement at fraction of cost.

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    Who is Dr. Mercel Capt?

    Dr. Capt is claiming to be an expert doctor and professor who is on mission to help 1000’s of people. He along-with Dr Raphael Perez run an online supplements shop called

    Dr Mercel capt & Dr Raphael perez
    Dr Mercel capt & Dr Raphael Perez as seen on e-healthlabs products promo videos

    Easy Fungus is marketed through another website called I accidentally came across this website while doing some random browsing. I got bored and tired of watching the video. So decided to write this review post.

    The company does not have good reputation on trustpilot. Infact there are many complaints, some even said it’s a scam.

    We are a global company and our offices are based in France. Operating in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and outside of Europe.


    They sell wide variety of products like Easy slim, Easy digest, Easy Prostate, Easy Flex etc. I initially thought it is meant for vaginal yeast infection (candida), but it’s for toenail fungus.

    Dr Mercel Capt’s Easy Fungus is an overpriced dietary supplement with moderate health benefit.

    Easy Fungus: Cheap & Best Alternative.

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