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What Women Want (Implicitly)

    what women want

    Of course I am not going to attempt the impossible.  Being a woman, I can tell you that there is no way in this planet  to know completely what women want! Even we women don’t know exactly what we want…Yet, I would like to share some implicit needs and desires most women have that I know when it came to compassion.

    Since this blog post is all about dating and relationship, I would like to give you few tips to guys while searching for  new date/love or mate.

    Physique or Character?

    Some women seem to claim that they are not primarily attracted to the physique of their partner but his character. Some of them are lying and the rest of them implicitly desires some physical traits in their partner (Yeah I know, there are some feminists and lesbians.)

    How taller are you?

    Let’s start with the height of a  man. Most women like their man, a head-height taller. This way they could graze their face on their men’s chest while hugging. During a side hug, when her man put his hand over neck, a women could feel utmost protection like it’s the safest place in the world. You certainly don’t need Adonis Ratio to attract a woman.

    Your chest and biceps?

    Women love wide strong chest. During pillow talks they like to put their chin on the chest. Sometimes put her ear above his heart to hear the heartbeat while talking (Beware, this may be a polygraph technique).

    Not to mention, the alternate pillows they use while cuddling, the biceps of their man (it’s good, almost every time!). And most gentlemen out there would keep their arms steady despite of the pain due to low blood circulation. Isn’t it romantic?

    The video below reveals some more useful information worth listening. There are millions of worthless videos on youtube about “what women wants” (mostly uploaded by men)