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Hormone Imbalance? How to Deal With Them

    Did you that…

    1. Hormones decide our body circumference.
    2. The Hormones trigger  weight gain: Deal with them the right way!

    Hormones play a BIG role in our life in quite many ways! Positively and negatively. Weight gain is perhaps the worst role the hormones play in our life.  No wonder weight management is very challenging due to the PLAY of HORMONES!

    We all know this, yet ignorant!

    Think it loud, it’s a clearly visible fact, be it any of the following stage-

    1. Puberty
    2. Pregnancy
    3. Post-delivery
    4. Menopause

    Why do most of the women gain weight during one or other or all of these important stages of life?.

    Hormones make us fat, and we try to lose it through diet and exercise. Some succeed while most fail.

    Everything related to weight has something to do with hormones!

    Be it Feel Good hormones or Feel Bad hormones, both make us eat more and gain weight.

    Thyroid hormones can cause sudden weight gain or sudden weight loss depending on the type of imbalance namely hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

    Hormones play with our moods, our physical activities and out eating habits too. Hormonal imbalance is the main reason for unexplained weight gain in most of the cases.

    Hormonal imbalance makes losing weight harder

    Hormonal imbalance can happen at any of the life stages naturally or due to some medications, food habits and lifestyle changes. All are inter-related.

    Weight gain in women is normally attributed to hormonal imbalance and vice versa. Both go hand in hand.

    Some of the hormones, if not controlled, can make losing weight a near impossible task.

    Controlling hormones is again herculean task considering toxins in our food- food additives and preservatives and food grown using pesticides and growth hormones.

    Which Hormones lead to weight gain?

    Following is the list of main hormones that influence our appetite, metabolism, energy expenditure and body fat distribution.

    1. ·         Thyroid hormones
    2. ·         Leptin
    3. ·         Insulin
    4. ·         Estrogens
    5. ·         Androgens
    6. ·         Growth hormones

    In obese people, normally the hormones encourage accumulation fat. This is the reason why they keep on gaining weight for no reasons.

    They struggle and fail their war against obesity. One surely gets depressed after trying really hard, all those experts suggested controlled diet and regular exercises.

    Hormones and their types decide the body parts around which fat to be stored

    If we observe, we can see fat stored around stomach for some while for some it gets stored around hips and in thighs! The hormones decide where to store fat.

    With age, fat gets stored more over stomach making us apple shaped.

    How to battle with Hormonal Imbalance?

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    Hormonal imbalance occurs as a result of followings

    • Puberty, pregnancy, post-delivery and menopause related imbalances
    • Toxins in the food, air and water
    • Side effects of certain medications
    • Work stress and emotional turbulence   
    • Weight gain due to lazy lifestyle and junk eating habits

    How to deal with the Hormonal imbalance and battle the weight gain? – And WIN the Battle?

    All those experts in the weight management suggest controlled diet, regular exercises, lifestyle changes, yoga and meditation to balance hormones.

    Some people go for medicines for each and every hormonal imbalance, industry is loaded with supplements for each and every hormone.

    Watch video for how a _____ helped his wife to combat the weight by treating her hormonal imbalance?