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Feeling Hungry Is a Habit, Not a Reality! True or False?

    On Sundays, my children typically wake up at around 8am. After they’ve had a chance to get refreshed, they start to pester me for their favorite food, claiming they are famished and need to eat immediately.

    I take this as a sign that they are healthy and have an appetite, so I make sure to provide them with a nutritious and delicious breakfast to start their day off right.

    However, py children get excited when a neighbouring boy and a group of kids came by our door, asking if my children could join them in playing. Their hunger forgotten, they ran off to the play area, returning only at midday, exhausted.

    Why am I sharing what my kids do with you?

    Do we have any lessons to learn from kids? For me, yes, they are giving me a fresh outlook on life.

    Can we become kids and engage ourselves in something very interesting? Can we forget our hunger which most of the time is not a reality, just a habit?

    Getting headache if you don’t drink coffee?

    I have heard people complaining of headaches if they don’t drink coffee or tea on time or don’t eat food on time on regular basis. It happens for me too sometimes while traveling!

    But I feel it’s more psychological than real as I subsequently came out of the time based snacking habits!

    Feeling hungry is a habit

    Of course I am not against disciplined eating habits. If you strongly believe that you should take 3 meals a day on time that you feel is best, follow it, but try to eat very less.

    Drinking coffee has become part of many people’s morning routine. However, some people develop a habit of relying on coffee to prevent headaches. This can be a dangerous habit as the body can become accustomed to this and start to experience headaches if coffee is not consumed.

    People should not rely on coffee to prevent headaches, as this can lead to increased caffeine consumption which can be damaging to one’s health. It is important to have a healthy diet and get enough sleep to prevent headaches, rather than relying on coffee as a quick fix.

    People should be mindful of their caffeine consumption and should speak to a professional if they feel they are relying on coffee to prevent headaches.

    Eating after sunset a bad idea?

    Eating after sunset is generally a bad idea. This is because the body’s natural circadian rhythm has been disrupted, leading to an increase in the likelihood of weight gain and digestive issues.

    Eating after sunset throws off the body’s natural cycle, and can prevent it from properly digesting the food. Additionally, late night snacking can lead to an increase in the production of insulin, which can lead to an increase in fat storage.

    Furthermore, eating too late can make it difficult to fall asleep, meaning the body is not able to get the rest it needs to properly reset itself. In conclusion, eating after sunset is a bad idea, as it can have a negative impact on both physical and mental health.

    Skip Your Breakfast: A truth!

    What a shame… until few years ago I too believed in the breakfast myth.

    In fact, skipping breakfast is one of the easiest way to shed some pounds quickly. Mornings are normally energetic, and we don’t really need to eat unnecessarily.

    Experts say that 12-16 hours fasting (Intermittent fasting) everyday can help a lot in reaching weight loss goals quickly. This can be easily achieved by skipping breakfast.

    Start your New Year by skipping breakfast and kick-start your weight loss. The old ‘Intermittent Fasting’ works, I have proof to show!

    My man recently adopted a breakfast-skipping habit in order to control his weight. It has proved to be a successful technique for him as he has been able to maintain his weight without feeling deprived.

    This technique allowed him to reboot his natural testosterone so that he could perform weight lifting workout. Another added advantage of T-boost is that bedroom activities are lot more fun 🙂

    He is an advocate for healthy choices, such as avoiding processed and unhealthy foods. This new routine has helped him stick to this. He is also a strong believer in exercising regularly, which he has been doing since he started his weight loss journey.

    We are both very proud of his commitment and the positive results it has yielded. Skipping breakfast has allowed him to control his weight gain in a healthy way. And has become an integral part of his life.

    I have started smoothie diet, an easy route to skip breakfast

    Lose weight by eating 6 small meals

    Eating six small meals a day is commonly touted as a weight-loss strategy, but this is a myth.

    This is a normal tip given to diabetic patients to satiate their sugar cravings. Don’t take it as a serious slimming technique. You will gain extra weight if you start eating frequently!

    There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that eating six small meals a day will help control weight. In fact, some studies have shown that eating more frequently can lead to overeating, as it can make it easier to consume more calories than necessary.

    Additionally, having six meals a day can be difficult to maintain. It requires careful planning, and realistically, it’s not feasible for most people in their daily lives. The most effective way to control weight is to make healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercising regularly and eating balanced meals.

    You can skip breakfast and drink a delicious smoothie instead

    It helped me to re-balance hormone, almost got rid of yeast infection. [My man says my fluid tastes sweet N tangy!)

    Eat Just One or Two meals a Day: A Truth

    Growing kids really need more food  to grow well.

    But fully grown adults like us need only two good meals a day to stay healthy. Skipping breakfast is the easiest way to control food intake.

    We just need to maintain our grown up body unless you are a body building enthusiastic.

    If you have a better control over yourself, try to limit that to 1 meal a day on at least 2 days a week.

    Hunger Control : Few realities that everyone should know!

    Do You agree with me on the following facts?

    We really don’t need to eat much to survive happily. Over time we have started eating for time pass or just as a routine. We eat even when we are not hungry just to finish the “Eating Duty”.

    Preventing Food Wastage: We take it the wrong way!

    Women around the globe are becoming overweight just by eating extra food left so that it is not wasted.

    Maintain your weight by following Smoothie diet once in a year

    Eating has become a pastime activity for many, rather than a necessary means of survival. Eating beyond what is necessary for nourishment has become a routine for many. And even when we are not hungry, we continue to eat to finish the “eating duty.”

    To be clear, eating is not a duty, it is a choice. We do not need to eat much to be happy and healthy. We can find fulfillment and pleasure in other activities, such as exploring nature, learning a new skill, or creating art.

    Let’s always consider our needs before making decisions about what and how much to eat. We should focus on consuming nutrient-dense, whole foods and strive for a balanced diet that nourishes the body and soul.

    Just change the way you think. Have  a fresh look at yourself!